Top 5 situations when overly large breasts can be an issue


One of the common and significant problems that many women around the world suffer from is the growth of excessively large breasts. When the breasts develop beyond a certain point and become very big, it can create many problems for the woman. Even though most women desire to have bigger boobs, it can create more issues than provide you with any benefits when the boobs are very large.

Just like different areas of the female anatomy, the breasts also have various shapes and sizes. Many women get overly large breasts and face problems as a result. Keep in mind that very large breasts are not easy to carry. They can get in the way of your daily activities and affect your quality of life in negative ways. In this article, I will explain the top 5 situations when overly large breasts can be a problem.

Why do the breasts become very big?

Before discussing the situations of large breasts leading to problems, it is essential to first understand as to why the breasts become very big. The female breasts are subject to changes, even though they are among the most critical areas of the female body. The main reasons why female breasts enlarge include genetics, massive weight gain, and the use of certain medicines like corticosteroids.

There is no doubt that the female breasts chiefly become enormous due to genetic factors. What this means is that if your family has a genetic history of developing very big breasts, you might also be affected by the condition sometime in your life. However, most girls get large breasts between the age of 16 and 20. The breasts become very large due to the overgrowth of the glandular tissue and increased storage of fat content in your breasts. 

Five situations when very large breasts can be a problem

When your breasts become very big, you may experience different problems. The top five situations when very large breasts can affect your quality of life are explained below:

– They get in the way of your lifestyle

Excessively large breasts can practically get in the way of your lifestyle. Very big breasts can make it difficult for you to do physical activities, including exercises. You will know how disruptive very big breasts can be when it comes to engaging in physical activities. The condition can also be so severe in some cases that even your sports bra may not contain your breasts.

You may have extra weight on your chest that can get in the way of routine activities. Furthermore, the size of the breasts can even affect your performance during sports and exercise. For example, if you are passionate to play sports, large breasts can make it difficult for you to perform effectively.

– Localized body pain

The overgrowth of the breasts can also trigger pain in different areas of your body, and it must not be ignored. The typical body areas where you may experience discomfort due to very big breasts include your back shoulder, neck, and chest. These localized body pains happen due to the extra weight of large breasts. The weight applies pressure or strains your ligaments, muscles, skin, and tissue. As a result, you experience pain.

The severity of the pain depends on how large your breasts are. If your breasts are large but the condition is not severe, you may feel pain during physical activities. On the other hand, if the breasts are excessively large, the pain can happen even when you are resting, standing, and sitting. Pain in your body areas due to extra large breasts is a medical problem and must be treated. If left untreated, the pain may become unbearable and affect your overall health.

Furthermore, women with huge breasts also experience posture problems. This happens because the patient may slump due to pain in the shoulder, neck, and back. As a result, you might not be able to maintain a healthy and proper posture when you are sitting, standing, or walking.

– Your bra straps cut into your shoulders

Most women with very big breasts also complain about bra straps cutting into their shoulders. To be sure if the breasts are causing this problem, you should first check your bra in case they are too small for your breasts. To shop for a suitable bra, you can ask for guidance from the underwear retailers where you shop for bras. They can provide you with valuable advice and help you choose bras that are suitable for your breasts. Keep in mind that the pain can also result from wearing bras that don’t fit your breasts properly.

If your bra is the right size but the straps are still digging into your shoulders, chances are the extra weight of your large breasts is causing the problem. In such a case, you should consider getting treatment for your huge breasts. The good news is that breast reduction surgery can effectively reduce your breast size and alleviate the issues associated with the condition.

The situation is affecting your self-esteem and quality of life

Besides the physical pain and discomfort, many women with huge breasts also experience self-esteem issues. Even though it is true that bigger breasts make you look more feminine and fertile and enhance your overall physical appearance, very large breasts look aesthetically unwelcoming and can negatively affect your aesthetic features. There is a limit when it comes to the size of breasts that look attractive. When the breasts overgrow and cross that limit, they look abnormal and aesthetically unpleasant.

Many women with huge breasts get embarrassed and experience lower self-esteem. They start to have negative feelings about their body image. The lower self-esteem affects their physical, personal, social, and professional lives as well. For example, if you have excessively large breasts that look abnormal, you may avoid physically healthy activities like swimming, jogging, and exercise. As a result, you may experience medical issues. Also, you may not feel satisfied in your personal life and even avoid certain social circles.

If the condition is not treated, severity in the lower self-esteem can affect your quality of life and even lead to psychological problems. Breast reduction surgery can treat the condition and make them look normal. As a result, your self-esteem will become positive and your quality of life will improve.

– You get rashes or infections under the breast

Another medical issue that most women with very big breasts face is the development of skin rashes and disease under the breasts. Keep in mind that when your breasts are very large, the condition can cause your skin to fold and rub under your breasts. As a result, there is a risk that rashes and infections may happen. Furthermore, rashes and infection can also occur because very large breasts get more sweat. When dirt gets trapped in the sweat under the breasts, it can lead to infection and rashes. Also, it is often difficult to properly wash and clean the area under huge breasts.

How to reduce very big breasts

If you are experiencing one or more of the above-explained issues due to your large breasts, it’s time you should seek treatment for the condition. If exercises and diet have failed to reduce your breasts, you can consider getting breast reduction surgery. Breast reduction is a plastic surgery procedure that has a history of effectively decreasing the size of overly large breasts and alleviating the associated symptoms.

A board-certified plastic surgeon can tell you whether you are a good candidate for the surgery. The operation is performed under general anesthesia because it is highly invasive and traumatic. During the surgery, the surgeon will make incisions on your breasts and then use the incisions to remove the excess mammary glands. In the second stage, the surgeon will remove the excess fat from your breasts. Lastly, he will suture and close the incisions.

After the surgery, the patient will have to rest for two weeks and avoid work. Also, complete recovery takes six weeks. Once the recovery is complete, the post-operative swelling disappears, and the incisions heal, you will notice that your breasts are now smaller and the issues linked with huge breasts no longer exist or have drastically reduced.


Ask any female about the most critical aesthetic areas of the body, and they would refer to the breasts. The breasts not only function as breastfeeding organs but also play an essential role in female beauty. If you have smaller breasts, it is okay to desire to have bigger breasts; however, when the breasts become overly large, it can create many problems for you. The issues that huge breasts may create for you have been discussed above. I have also explained the reasons why the breasts become excessively large, in addition to describing how breast reduction surgery can help you get rid of the condition.

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