3 Injectable fillers NOT to use on your buttocks


The buttocks not only help us move around and maintain our posture but also define our overall body outline and figure. Women are particularly very sensitive when it comes to the shape and size of their derriere. Modern beauty standards require women to have bigger and shapelier backsides. As such, women with flatter or poorly contoured buttocks often experience lower self-esteem. This insecurity and lower self-confidence cause the patients to explore ways to enhance their booties.

There are certain proven, tested, and FDA-approved methods to augment the buttocks. However, there are many illegal butt enhancement methods being practised on the black market and even by some doctors. Among the illegal methods of butt augmentation is the use of injectable fillers. Patients should be sure to do their research and avoid the illegal methods of butt enhancements. Below are the three injectable fillers not to use on your buttocks.

1.    Silicone injections

One of the most dangerous and illegal methods of buttock augmentation is the use of silicone injections. There is a drastic difference between silicone butt implants and silicone injections. Silicone implants are semi-solid objects and have been approved by the FDA for buttock augmentation. On the other hand, silicone injections come in liquid form. It is not approved by the FDA and is illegal for use in butt enhancements.

Many people use silicone injections after seeing other people who have gotten the injections. Right after getting the injection, your butt may look appealing, toned, and bigger. However, sooner or later, your health will deteriorate and so will your buttocks. The side effects and complications will soon kick in. The patient will experience burning sensation and pain in different areas of the body. The silicone will soon move to different areas of your body, triggering a range of health complications.

The surgery is undertaken by unqualified practitioners in hotel rooms or private properties. Remember, legal and safe procedures are always performed in fully equipped and accredited surgical facilities. Never undergo silicone injections because the substance could be life-threatening for you.

2.    Hydrogel injections

Unqualified and illegal practitioners recommend hydrogel injections to women looking for butt enhancement procedures. Hydrogel injections are extremely dangerous for your health. There have been several reports of women dying and being permanently disabled after getting hydrogel injections. Hydrogel injections are made of industrial-grade chemicals that are illegal for use in the medical field.

Many women get hydrogel injections and risk their lives because the injections are less expensive than the safer ways of buttock augmentation. Also, the injections are not painful and do not leave scars. However, the long-term risks are severe. The chemical comprises a mixture of polyacrylamide and water. The liquid can easily enter different areas of your body, damaging your kidneys, triggering pulmonary embolism, resulting in a stroke, triggering infections, and inflaming different areas of your body.

Hydrogel injections are also notorious for creating irregular lumps inside the skin, leading to excessive bleeding and creating abnormal scarring in the long run. Your butt can also become uneven and develop depressions. In severe cases, the patient may experience severe chest pain, respiratory problems, and even death. Some practitioners also use neurotoxin acrylamide that is extremely risky for your health. Doctors call it a slow poison.

Remember, you should not take a chance on your life just for the sake of saving a few pennies on your buttock augmentation procedure. Be sure to avoid hydrogel injections and never give in to the convincing strategies of illegal practitioners. Like other illegal methods, hydrogel injection surgery is carried out in illegal, unaccredited places like hotel rooms, apartments, and other private places. Furthermore, the FDA has completely banned the use of hydrogel injections for buttock injections. It has also launched a crackdown against people administering hydrogel injections.

3.    Mineral oil injection

A large number of illegal practitioners are also using different types of mineral oil injections to enhance the buttocks. Patients don’t know what these mineral oils are what are the specific risks. The fact is that this is an illegal practice and the FDA has banned the use of mineral oil injections for buttock enhancement.

Mineral oil injections can trigger a range of life-threatening risks and side effects. There have been dozens of cases whereby patients either died or experienced permanent disability. The results of mineral oil injections are poor and will stay with you just for a few days or weeks. Be sure to avoid getting mineral oil injections to enhance your butt. Instead, you should use safer and FDA-approved methods only.

Safe and reliable butt augmentation methods

There are only two proven, tested, and safe methods to augment the buttocks: implant surgery and Brazilian butt lift, which are both FDA-approved. Butt implant surgery involves the insertion and placement of semi-solid silicone implants inside the buttocks through incisions. This makes the buttocks bigger, shapelier, and youthful.

On the other hand, the Brazilian butt lift involves the use of your own body fat to add projection to your backside. During the surgery, the excess fat is removed from different areas of your body through liposuction and the fat is then injected into the buttocks. This makes the butt shapelier and projected. This is a much safer procedure to enhance your backside.


Buttock augmentation is a trendy procedure. Since the approved and safer methods of butt enhancement are expensive, many women use illegal and dangerous methods to enhance their buttocks. These include the use of injectable fillers. The top 3 injectable fillers not to use on your butt have been explained above. These methods are life-threatening. Be sure to avoid these procedures at any cost.

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